1930’s Period Protection

Luckily the Kotex belt is before my time – however I have heard others talk about it – sounding like a blast – NOT! This protective apron thing they mention in this ad – I have never heard of it before – according to this ad it is “rustle-proof”.  Can someone explain to me – did you wear it under your skirt?

Supply yourself with Kotex…Kotex Belt…Kotex Apron

All 3 designed for woman’s health and comfort.


Kotex, you know, is the sanitary pad that is fashioned to fit. It is just wide enough, just long enough. The leading hospitals now use Kotex.


It’s lighter, cooler than cotton. lt absorbs so quickly and so thoroughly!


There is no danger of getting Kotex wrongly adjusted. It is every bit as satisfactory, no matter which way you choose to wear it. lsn’t that a relief? Then, of course, there is the reason so many women began to use Kotex: it is easily disposable.


To give women the newest and best in every form of sanitary protection, the Kotex Company has developed a new sanitary belt and apron! These new sanitary accessories are now ready, at drug, dry goods and department stores.


New-type Belt

The new Kotex belt is different from any sanitary belt you‘ve ever seen. It is woven to a curve, so that it fits perfectly without a fold or wrinkle.


Every possible care has been taken to give you the daintiest, finest accessory possible. Little details like these: firm silk grosgrain ribbon to attach the pins… sati tabs for pinning. Truly a Kotex product! There are two widths- 1 inch and 1 1/2-inch. Three sizes- large, medium and small. The price is but 60 cents.


The New Kotex Apron is feather-light, made of finest Japanese silk so delicately rubberized that it won’t get gummy or sticky. Launders perfectly. Ideal not only for sanitary purposes, but for every-day wear to keep skirts immaculately free from wrinkles. Rustle-proof. Two sizes- regular and junior. Price 85 cents.

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