4 Animal Puzzles

Wooden Animal Puzzle Toys to Make (1940’s)

4 Animal Puzzles

4 Wooden Animal Puzzles from the Vintage Info Network’s Vintage Toy Series.

4 patterns total  – pig, rabbit, elephant, lamb

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Be A Radio Electonician – Vintage Ad (1940’s)



The offer I make you here is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s your big chance to get ready for a wonderful future in the swiftly expanding field of Radio-Electronics INCLUDING Radio. Television, Frequency Modulation and Industrial Electronics. Be wise NOW’S the time to  start. Opportunities ahead are tremendous.  No previous experience is necessary. The Sprayberry Course starts right at the beginning of Radio. You can’t get lost. It gets the various subjects across in such a clear, simple way that you understand and remember. And, you can master my entire course in your spare time. It will not interfere in any way with your present duties. Along with your Training, you will receive my famous BUSINESS BUILDERS which will show you how to make some nice profits while learning.

Prepares You for a Business of Your Own Or Good Radio Job

My training will give you the broad, fundamental principles so necessary as a background, no matter which branch of Radio you wish to specialize in. I make it easy for you to learn Radio Set Repair and Installation Work. I teach you how to install and repair Electronic Equipment. In fact, you’ll be a fully qualified RADIO-ELECTRONICTAN. equipped with the skill and knowledge to perform efficiently and to make a wonderful success of yourself. Read more

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How To Make A Bazooka Rocket Shell Lamp (1940’s)

Finally!  You can do something useful with that practice Bazooka Rocket Shell you’ve had laying around collecting dust – make a unique lamp out of it.

This is based on original plans from the 1940’s which have been refreshed and restored for your use.

Click here for more info about the Bazooka Rocket Shell Lamp Plans.


Doll Cradle to Make from Baskets (1920’s)

doll_cradle_from_basketsThis is an adorable doll cradle which is easy to assemble from common household objects.

What you will need:

2 baskets (1 for the bed part, 1 for the hood part)

2 wooden coat hangers (hooks removed)


clothe to line cradle

Now, to make the cradle:

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Vintage Trivets or Hot Pads to Make


Many moons ago wrought-iron trivets were commonly used by the fireplace where cooking occured.

Now a days we use them as decoration and to hold items which have come from our modern stove-tops and ovens.

Enjoy these patterns and instructions for making modern trivets / hot pads using a few vintage designs.

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How to Make a Pinwheel (1900’s)

folded pinwheel

Figure 3 – Folding the Pinwheel

These are easy directions for making a simple pinwheel.

You will need:

  • construction paper – approximately 9 inches square (9 in. x 9 in.)
  • a straight stick/branch for the handle
  • a straight pin to hold the pinwheel onto the handle

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