Vintage Halloween Games

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Vintage Halloween Party Games can fetch a high price if you want to get originals.

You could take a look at the ones pictured here to the right to get ideas for games to make for your Halloween Party.

German Diecut Halloween Decorations

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Check out these German Diecut Halloween Decorations!

Beistle Diecut Decorations

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One thing to be aware of if you looking for Beistle Halloween decorations to add to your collection is the fact that some of their most popular vintage designs have been reproduced recently so you should be wary of unscrupulous sellers who are claiming the repro items as the original vintage products. All of the reproductions are marked with the year of production and the paper they are made out of is heavier than the paper Beistle used in the 1930s and 40s so if you are shopping in person it will be easy to spot the difference. But if, like most collectors, you are putting together your Halloween collection with online purchases and Ebay auctions, the best advice is to stick to well-known and reputable dealers who have a reputation to maintain and lots of positive feedback on their auctions.

Vintage Halloween Postcards

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Paper ephemera is always collectible and possibly no more so than when the theme is Halloween!

Vintage Halloween Placecards

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Check out these Vintage Halloween Place Cards to get ideas to create your own – or purchase vintage ones for your party!

Beistle Halloween Collectibles

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Halloween decorations made by The Beistle Company are some of the most popular collectibles among fans of vintage holiday decorations. Specializing in paper party supplies such as die-cuts, centerpieces and paper plates and cups, The Beistle Company has been manufacturing Halloween novelty décor and supplies since the beginning of the 20th century. Founded in Pennsylvania by Martin Beistle, The Beistle Company is still in business today and is one of the largest manufacturers of Halloween goods in the US. But for collectors, it isn’t Beistle’s new products that cause the most interest. It’s their highly sought after vintage Halloween decorations that have become highly collectible.

Halloween Noisemakers

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Halloween noisemakers come in all shapes and sizes.  The earliest ones were made of wood, then metal and later plastic.

I think they may have been used to ward off evil spirits (don’t quote me on that

Take a look to the right at the variety of Halloween noisemakers you can find on eBay.

Check back here often – folks list new Halloween Noisemakers on eBay all the time.  You never know what you might find!

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