Vintage Halloween Games – Board Games and more!

Besides Beistle, many other companies created Games for Halloween.

Take a look at some currently on eBay:

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Vintage Halloween Plates to Use or Display

Vintage Halloween plates are great for using or displaying.  Paper Halloween plates are an often over-looked collectible too.  Take a look at these vintage Halloween plates currently available on eBay:

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Vintage Look Halloween Items from Bethany Lowe

Started in 1985, Bethany Lowe is dedicated to manufacturing fine vintage-look decorations for all holidays – including Halloween.

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Scarecrow Costume to Make

Scarcrow CostumeMaterial (4-8 yr.) – Verybest Crepe,

  • 2 folds No. 147 Orange,
  • 1 fold each No. 142 Canary,
  • No. 183 Sand,
  • No. 188 Brown,
  • No. 139 GrassGreen;
  • 2 1/2 yds. 1/2″ yellow ribbon,
  • snap fasteners.

Do you need Crepe Paper and other craft items to create your Halloween Costume?
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Using 2 yds. for fullness, make a gathered skirt of orange with 5″ deep fringe at bottom. Stitch a 5″ deep fringe of yellow, sand and brown under the orange, Fig. C. Make a plain fitted waist of double thickness of orange*. Bind around neck and armholes with a 2″ wide strip of orange folded like bias tape to 1/2″. Stitch skirt to waist.

Make a green bolero jacket of a double thickness, Fig. D. Bind edges with green. Gather and sew a soft fringe* of the 5 colors about 10″ deep across the tops of the armholes. When cutting fringe, fold so that there will be a heading at both ends uncut, Fig. E. Stitch a 3″ deep stiff fringe at bottom, Fig. F.  Add ribbons to tie.

Make a neck ruff of the 5 colors cut 6″ wide, 1 yd. long, fringed from both edges to within I” of center. Gather to 8″ length and stitch to ribbon long enough to tie around neck, Fig. G.


For the hat, fold a 20″ wide piece of yellow crepe paper 22″ long (or correct head size) through the middle across the grain. Seam short ends. Gather open edges (see page 23). Cut fringe and pull through slits in hat. Stretch lower edge to make brim roll up slightly.

* detailed instructions for these processes can be found on pages 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of

45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

Vintage Beistle Halloween Games

You can find Vintage Halloween Games from Beistle in the themes of chance, fortune, skill and stunts.  One of the best place to find these vintage Halloween games is on eBay. Take a look at one’s that are currently available:

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Angel Costume to Make

Angel Costume to Make from Crepe Paper

Angel Costume to Make

Instructions for making Feather-Like Angel Wings and an Angel Costume (robe & halo) – all from Crepe Paper!

Perfect for school plays, Halloween Costumes or even dress-up.

2 – PDF files, instant download.

Feather-Like Angel Wings & Costume Using Crepe Paper (16 pages)

Crepe Paper Costumes 101: Basic Tips for Making Crepe Paper Costumes (28 pages)

Angel Wings & Costume Instructions

Are you looking for simpler wings to make?  Check out: Simple Angel Wings

A Halloween Romance – Story Party Game (1940's)

Assign to each of eight people one of the following characters. Whenever one’s character is mentioned in the story, he is supposed to repeat the sounds here given.

The story-teller should pause a moment after the mention of a character in the reading.

At the end of the story, all perform in unison.

1. Sweet Young Thing: “Tee-hee-hee.”

2. Strong Young Chap: Sings a bar of “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.”

3. Canary in the Cage: “T w i t t e r. twitter.”

4. Cat on the Hearth: “Prrow.”

5. Dark and Stormy Night: “Hoo-oo-oo.”

6. Dying Dog: “Ki-yi.”

7. Cruel Old Father: “Gr-humph.”

8. Gray Ghost: “O-o-oh.”

Once upon a time a sweet young thing was in love with a strong young chap. But she had a cruel old father who opposed their marriage.

One Hallowe’en night the sweet young thing was sitting in her parlor, with the canary warbling in the cage and the cat dozing on the hearth. It was a dark and stormy night. Hearing a strange noise outside, the sweet young thing went to the door. There in the yard lay a. poor, dying dog.

“Oh,” said the sweet young thing, “I will bring him in where it is warm and will give him something to eat.”

“No, you don’t,” growled her cruel, old father, appearing at just that moment. “Let dying dogs lie.” And he compelled the sweet young thing to return to the parlor with the canary in ,the cage and the cat on the hearth. Through the chimney she could hear the howl of the wind on this dark and stormy night. Suddenly there came a knock at the door, and the strong young chap entered.

“I have come to take you to marry me,” cried the strong young chap.

“Goody-goody,” laughed the sweet young thing.

“No, you don’t,” growled her cruel old father. “You can’t marry my daughter. Get out.”

And the sweet young thing began to weep. And so did the canary in the cage, and the cat on the hearth, and the dying
dog outside.

“Oh, what shall I do?” cried the sweet young thing. At that instant the lights went out, and down the chimney came the gray ghost.

“I’m going to get you,” the gray ghost whispered, Hoating toward the cruel old father.

“Help-oh, don’t-” screamed the cruel old father as the gray ghost touched him, and he sat down and behaved himself.

“At last you’re mine,” the strong young chap cried joyfully.

And then the sweet young thing, and the strong young chap, and the cruel old father, and the canary in the cage, and the cat on the hearth, and the dark and stormy night, and the dying dog, and the gray ghost, all of them together laughed and laughed and laughed.

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