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Snow Brigade Christmas Drill

Schneeschaufel snow shovel

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The Snow Brigade.

By Marian Loder.

(A winter drill for a dozen boys—in overcoats, earcaps, bright-colored mufflers, mittens, etc. Each carries a big snow-shovel. The stage should be spread with sheets and loose cotton to represent snow. Boys come marching in single file, shovels over shoulder, singing to the tune, “See the Farmer in the Field.”)


We are the jolly Snow Brigade,
With our trusty shovels we make a raid,
And lustily we’ll give you aid
On a frosty winter’s morning.

Chorus.—He! he! ha! ha! ha!

HeI he! ha! ha! ha!
He! he! ha! ha! ha!
Ho! ho! hot


(Beginning to shovel cotton.)

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Christmas Bell Drill for Children

A Christmas-bell Drill.

A Chritsmas bell icon

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By Ella M. Powers.

(This drill may be given by eight little girls provided with wands. At the top of each wand are tacked three streamers of red, white, and blue ribbon or cambric. At the end of each streamer a little tinkling bell is sewed. The children sing, and wave wands in time to the music. The words may be sung to the tune of ” Lightly Row.”)

Sweetly chime, sweetly chime,
Happy bells of Christmas time;
Sweetly chime, sweetly chime, Read more

Old Santa Claus Song

The annual visit to a department store Santa C...

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Old Santa Claus.

By M. Nora Boylan.

(To be sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” The verses may be given by a single voice, with the chorus by the school, or selected voices on the platform.)

Old Santa Claus is a jolly man

Who brings us lots of toys, sir;
And none are happier Christmas time

Than little girls and boys, sir.

Have you not seen our Santa Claus,

With hair so snowy white, sir?
Just hang your stocking Christmas eve,— Read more

Time for Santa Claus Song

By M. Nora Boylan.

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(To be sung to the tune of ” Ta-ra-ra, boom-de-ay.)

Now’s the time for Santa Claus;

Christmas comes with loud huzzas.

Hark! the bells! Oh, hear them ring!

Ting-a-ling-ling ting-a-ling.

Chorus.—Ting-a-ling-ling ting-a-ling, Read more

Straw Decorated Christmas Tree

Only a perfect specimen of balsam fir will be worthy to bear upon its branches the fragile perfection of the straw figures that come to us from Sweden. Collecting figures and forms for such a tree would prove a delightful hobby the year round. In these works of art are contained sermons of the simplest and deepest concepts of life.

When you see the straw figures and the geometric designs decorating this tree, listen with your heart and hear the message they bring to you. Straw, to remind us the Read more

Palmetto Christmas Tree

Why not follow the custom of the ancients and make use of the design qualities of the Palmetto?

For this highly stylized tree, take seven 4′ lengths of Palmetto and cut the leaves with a sharp knife or scissors into an oval, spear, or free-form design.

The stems can be manipulated into pleasing curves by placing both thumbs on the under side of the stem with the fingers folded over the top of the stems. The heat from your hands will soften the stems. Bend and press gently but firmly until a curve is achieved. Tie a No. 32 wire just above the curve of the stem, pull the Read more

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