How To Stretch Crepe Paper

Stretching Crepe Paper When Making Crepe Paper Flowers

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When making flower petal or leave, stretch the crepe paper slightly before cutting out the pattern. There is a certain amount of stiffness or body in crepe paper which should be stretched out. Do not stretch it to it full capacity, however, as you will want the crepe effect in the petals and leaves. Just give the strip a slight pull.

Grains of Crepe Paper

What you need to know about Grains of Crepe Paper When Making Crepe Paper Flowers

The grain of crepe should always be from point, or top, to the base of a
petal or leaf, unless definitely stated otherwise.

Halloween Magic Stunt

WELLS, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 28:  Jobseekers a...
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Halloween Magic is a stunt that small boys particularly will enjoy to the fullest.

Several persons are sent from the room and are brought in again blindfolded. Two plates are placed on a table directly in front of the victims.  One is empty and the other Read more

How to Make Paper Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet pea
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Making a Sweet Pea Paper Flower – Method 1

We will begin with a flower that we all know and admire for its beauty and daintiness. The Sweet Pea can be copied so perfectly in the bright crepe paper colors that it is not distinguishable from the real flower except upon close examination.

It will require practice to make the perfect flower. Your first attempt will not be all that you would desire, nor will your second, nor third. But you will see an improvement in each one that will please you, and before you realize it, you will find that practice makes perfect Sweet Peas, as well as other things. Study carefully all instructions in the text, and all “General Instruction” reference, and follow them accurately. When you do this, Read more

Ingram’s Shaving Cream Ad 1932

Cut loose with a locomotive! Ingram’s is something to yell about! It’s the greatest shaving cream ever invented. It shaves you as cool as a New Year’s game at Alaska U. It’s cool, cool, COOL! Read more

Finding the Origins of Christmas

Folk tale depiction of Father Christmas riding...

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Tracing the Roots of Christmas

It is a long road back to the first Christmas. The route is not direct, nor free from obsta­cles, nor is it clearly marked. Many will stand at the crossroads and beckon us down strange and Read more

Ducking for Apples

Here is a different twist on the classic Halloween Game “Dunking for Apples”.

This does not involve any water.

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

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If you are so unfortunate as to lack a wash tub, use a chair, or better still a stool.

A stemless apple should be placed in the center and a boy and a girl, each with hands tied tightly behind them, should, with their teeth, try to capture the apple.

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