Time for Santa Claus Song

By M. Nora Boylan.

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(To be sung to the tune of ” Ta-ra-ra, boom-de-ay.)

Now’s the time for Santa Claus;

Christmas comes with loud huzzas.

Hark! the bells! Oh, hear them ring!

Ting-a-ling-ling ting-a-ling.

Chorus.—Ting-a-ling-ling ting-a-ling, Read more

Straw Decorated Christmas Tree

Only a perfect specimen of balsam fir will be worthy to bear upon its branches the fragile perfection of the straw figures that come to us from Sweden. Collecting figures and forms for such a tree would prove a delightful hobby the year round. In these works of art are contained sermons of the simplest and deepest concepts of life.

When you see the straw figures and the geometric designs decorating this tree, listen with your heart and hear the message they bring to you. Straw, to remind us the Read more

Palmetto Christmas Tree

Why not follow the custom of the ancients and make use of the design qualities of the Palmetto?

For this highly stylized tree, take seven 4′ lengths of Palmetto and cut the leaves with a sharp knife or scissors into an oval, spear, or free-form design.

The stems can be manipulated into pleasing curves by placing both thumbs on the under side of the stem with the fingers folded over the top of the stems. The heat from your hands will soften the stems. Bend and press gently but firmly until a curve is achieved. Tie a No. 32 wire just above the curve of the stem, pull the Read more

How to Make a Windmill http://vintageinfo.net/pinion-wheel-windmill/

Make a Pinion-Wheel Windmill

How to Make a Windmill http://vintageinfo.net/pinion-wheel-windmill/

Pinion Wheel Windmill

The Pinion-Wheel Windmill may be made of cardboard or tin. A circular piece 10 or 12 inches in di­ameter is required.

After marking out the outer edge with a compass, describe
an inner circle about 1 inch in­side of it; then draw two
lines through the center at right angles to each other, and another pair at an angle of 45 degrees t0 these. These lines are shown by the heavy radial lines in Fig. 5. One-half inch from each of these lines draw a parallel line, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 5.

The next thing to do is to cut out the disk, and cut along the
heavy lines just as far as the lines are shown in the dia­gram (Fig. 5), and then to bend up the blades thus sepa­rated, to an angle of about 45 degrees, bending on the second set of radial lines (dotted lines in Fig. 5).

pinion wheel windmill diagram

Figure 5 – Pinion Wheel Diagram

You had better make a cardboard pinion-wheel first, then a tin one after­ wards, as cardboard is so much easier to cut. A pair of heavy shears will be neces­sary for cutting a tin wheel, and a cold chisel for separat­ing the edges of the blades.

To Mount the Pinion-Wheel drive a long nail through the center, through the hole in a spool, and into the end of a stick. Then nail the stick to a post or a fence top.

Palm Tree for Christmas

Could there be a more suitable material to use for a Christmas tree than palm branches, which have symbolized victory and rejoicing from the time of Christ to the present day? This tree possesses a majesty which bears witness through its graceful branches to the dynamic rhythm of the Universe.

Arrange the branches to resemble
a tree. Place six palm branches 6 1/2 feet long in the top of a length of bamboo, 7″ in diameter x 3′ long.

Wire three 6″ chartreuse balls to florist sticks and arrange at the top of the bamboo trunk. String other chartreuse balls of graduated sizes onto No. 18 wire to form a long, graceful festoon. Wire to a florist stick and thrust into the sand. If this tree is to be seen from both sides, make a similar arrangement of balls for the opposite side.

make paper pinwheel

How to Make a Paper Pinwheel

make paper pinwheelNo mechanical toy is more interesting to make, nor more interesting to watch in operation, than a miniature paper pinwheel. It is a very simple toy to construct, and the material for making one can Read more

Topiary Christmas Tree

Topiary Christmas TreeWhy not create a smart gem of a tree based on the topiary art of orna­mental gardening where trees are trimmed into fancy shapes of a highly stylized design?

Place a dowel stick 3/4″ thick x 40″ long in a small tub of sand. Sink to a depth of 5″. Paint tub and stick chartreuse green.

Cut three sets of circles from 1″ chicken wire: two 12″ in diameter; two 9″ in diameter; and two 6″ in diameter. Place a 2″ layer of
sphagnum moss between the two pieces of each set of circles. Bind together with wire; moisten the moss in order to keep the greens fresh when inserted.

Place these circles at regular intervals on the dowel stick following the drawing. Wire fast.

Make 4″ cuttings of anyone of these evergreens: yew, arborvitae, cedar or boxwood. Cut the stem ends on a sharp slant and insert in the moss.

Decorate with chartreuse balls of graduated sizes and chains of small chartreuse beads. Group the balls in clusters and drape the chains gracefully to suggest a continuation of the looping from one section of the tree to the other.

Fashion stylized birds from Radiance. Place one on the top and others on the surface of the tree. Remember that simplicity and clean­ cut design are of the utmost importance.

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