Putting Together The Witch's Cat

This is a cute twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


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Making a black cat may be the next stunt/game for your Halloween Party.

A large black cardboard cat is cut into as many pieces as there are players.

Each child is given a piece and one by one, as they are blindfolded, they try to pin the pieces of the cat in correct position on a sheet or curtain.

If the party is a large one, there may be two teams, and the team that succeeds in putting together the most anatomically correct cat is the winner.

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Tips For Cutting Crepe Paper

Cutting Crepe Paper for Making Crepe Paper Flowers

How to Cut Strips of Crepe Paper

When cutting a strip for petals or for wrapping stems, it will be helpful to cut the desired width through the entire fold of crepe paper so as to have ready when needed.

How to Cut Crepe Paper Evenly

In cutting crepe paper, whether a straight line or curved, start as far away from the point of the scissor a possible, and cut long swath without changing the position of the scis­sors. In this way, you will have a much smoother edge than when short cuts are made.

How to Cut Several Thicknesses of Crepe Paper

You can save time by cutting several leaves or petal at a time. A strip of crepe paper may be cut through the entire fold, but to cut petals or leaves accurately Read more

Christmas Tree for the Birds

CHARLOTTE, NC - MARCH 02:  A bird sits in a tr...
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The people of Norway and Sweden have for centuries observed the quaint custom of preparing a Christmas tree for the birds. It is made from a sheaf of choice grain which has been carefully stored from the time of the harvest. The day before Christmas, the grain is tied to the end of a long pole, carried into the yard, and placed near the house to attract the birds who, they believe, bring happiness and good fortune to those within. No family would consider celebrating its own Christmas until the birds had first been provided for.

Could you and your children find a more delightful way to express the spirit of Christmas than to follow these customs?

I am sure that the children and even Dad will want to help make the trimmings and set up the tree. Don’t be surprised if fixing the birds’ tree becomes as happy a time as Read more

Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Each culture has their own set of Christmas Traditions that were started long ago.  You can learn about them at our other website – www.VintageChristmasIdeas.com.

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