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I’m Beth and I love, love, love old patterns, plans and projects.  Many of them remind me of my Grandparents who lived through the Great Depression.  They were DIY folks when DIY was a necessity rather than a fad.  My Grandfather could fix anything (often without using power tools – shocking!) and my Grandmother could make anything beautiful with a needle and thread.

In a way, this site is helping me to preserve my memory of my Grandparents – and all of the original DIYers like them.

My collection of old books, magazines, booklets and pamphlets that contain these nifty items grows every week! Looking at them brings me back to simpler times and just makes me smile :).

Restoring these items to BETTER than their former glory is a sincere joy for me 🙂  


Why my restored vintage patterns, plans and projects are “the bees knees”:


  • All instructions are re-typed in Arial 12+ point font so they are very easy to read. No more squinting and getting out the magnifying glass to figure out fuzzy type!
  •  All diagrams and pattern drawings have been enlarged so you can actually see details, numbers…etc. and make accurate products 🙂
  • For my digital download .PDF files, you can zoom in to pages and diagrams
  • My Digital Delivery .PDF and eReader files are swiftly delivered to you within seconds of payment.
  • My print patterns, plans and projects are printed on quality acid free paper, packed with loving care and shipped off to you!

Here you will find all sorts of Vintage Info from years gone by. Patterns, plans, how-to projects and MORE! Many of the items here are absolutely free!

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If there is something in particular that you are looking for let me know – a particular book, pattern or topic. I might have it already or know where to find it.

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