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Brickwork Afghan Pattern

Making this Brickwork Pattern Afghan is a great way to use up fabric scraps.  Alternately, I really like the suggestion made to use special fabrics – suits, dresses…etc. This could make a very nice memento for someone. For a practical, inexpensive, and pretty afghan we recommend this patchwork afghan in a brickwork pattern. It is […]

Devil May Care Dance for Halloween

  From decoration ideas for creating “Satan’s Lair” to a very creepy walk on “Satan’s Trail” – this “Devil May Care” Dance will definitely be scary! Enjoy this Vintage Hallowe’en Idea… Adopt a “Devil May Care” attitude about your Hallowe’en Dance! For all you know, he may. Judging from the appear­ance of the hall, he […]

Does He Help Round the House? (1949)

Every so often a Companion Poll elicits comments from our Reader-Reporters which lead us to suspect that the average American woman thinks her husband is pretty wonderful—corny jokes to the contrary. This month the suspicion grows. Time and again a woman, while supplying information about how her husband helps out round the house, just can’t […]

Halloween Party Ideas from the 1920’s

Hallowe’en is a splendid time for giving a party. In ancient times huge bonfires were built on the top of hills to proclaim that mystic and sacred rites were being performed by which to ward off evil spirits that were supposed to be on mischief bent on this day. So why not have an outdoor […]

Make a Gourd Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween

  This is from the 1950’s… Traditional jack-o-lanterns made from hollowed pumpkins lack the durability and portability so much desired by Halloween pranksters.  A good substitute that fills all the practical requirements can be made from a large gourd of the necked variety. The gourd selected should be properly dried and coated with shellac or […]

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