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Children’s Upholstered Rocking Chair Plans – 1940s

Enjoy making this Children’s Rocking Chair from these restored and refreshed 1940’s plans. .PDF file – instant download Nothing delights children more than to have their own small furniture that duplicates in appearance and comfort the pieces that grown-ups enjoy. This is particularly true of a rocking chair, which seems to satisfy a natural craving […]

Party Planning Tips from the 1950’s

How do you have a successful party? Everyone really knows the answer, but most people just don’t think of it in time. The answer is planning. Plan every detail, so that no time is left to hang heavy, to become one of those periods of awkward silence which make guests uncomfortable. Don’t impose your plan […]

Rose Flower Doily Pattern

This Rose Flower Doily may be made with any of the American Thread Company products listed below: Material Quantity Doily Size (Approximate) Size of Needle “GEM” Crochet Cotton Article 35, Size 30 1 Ball White 1 Ball Light Pink 1 Ball Dark Pink 1 Ball Nile Green 9 Inches Steel 12 ******************* ******************* OR”STAR” Tatting […]

Build this Kid’s Pool and Sand Box Combo

My Grandfather built me a sand box but it sure was not this elaborate! Compact and complete, this back-yard summer resort for small children includes a wading pool, sand-box, and shelves on which to put away boats, pails, and beach balls. Removable awnings protect against sunburn and on cloudy days are stored beside the tiny […]

1930’s Hydroponics

Click on images to view full pages. Scroll down for text.  Much has been told of the marvelous results obtained by tank farming, but little about exactly how it is done. This article is intended to remove the mystery and show amateur gardeners the latest methods used in this new science of plant culture, often […]

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