How To Make a Backyard Ice Scating Rink

Once the ground is well frozen and there is plenty of snow you have perfect conditions for making a back yard ice skating rink.

Find a nice stretch of flat ground and begin planning your very own ice rink.

Making your own ice skating rink doesn’t take much skill. What it does take is some patience to wait for everything to freeze. It may take a couple of days for your ice skating rink to be ready for skating.

    • Decide how small/large you would like your rink to be.
    • Remove the snow from the area where you will have the rink.
    • Pile this snow around the perimeter of the rink nice and high – 15 inches to 2 feet of snow with the base being around 18 inches and tapering to the top.
    • Pour water on the snow banks you just made so that they are very moist.
    • Pack the snow banks well and let them freeze overnight.
    • As long as it is cold enough, they will freeze and be more ice like than snow like.
    • Do the same for the floor of the rink.
    • Wet it down, pack it, let it freeze overnight.
  • Once the floor and sides are well frozen, flood the rink with water up to about 6 inches.

After some very cold weather for a few days and nights you’ll have your own ice skating rink.

To maintain your ice scating rink:

  • Sweep off any snow that falls on the rink.
  • If the rink thaws or the surface is no longer smooth, put more water in the rink so that the water line is above the bad spots.
  • Once it freezes again you’ll have a nice smooth surface to keep ice skating on.

And, of course, follow the same safety precautions you would take when ice skating anywhere else.

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