Barrel Bank To Make (1940’s)

Saving money is an inborn trait with many people. While it is true that the only safe place to keep saved money is in your established local bank, nevertheless, the odd pennies and nickels that are rarely missed from one’s pocket can be converted into a barrel of money with the aid of the bank shown in the photograph.

Its construction will require a piece of 6 x 6 stock 8″ long. A piece of clear
fir such as might be obtained in any lumberyard will be suitable. Pine or
any of the cabinet hardwoods, if they are obtainable, will be found easier to
work. The end of the stock should be sawn square. A faceplate is fastened to one end with three or four wood screws; then the faceplate with the stock attached is run on the spindle at the headstock of the lathe. The dead center is brought up to the other end of the stock to supply added support for most, of the turning.

The block is turned down to a finished outside diameter of 5 1/4″. The finished length of the barrel is marked off from the dead center end- leaving all waste at the live center. The out side shape of the barrel is turned; then the locations of the hoops are marked off. The hoops are produced by turn ing down the stock between them.

As shown in the cross section, a cover is applied to the open end. To provide for this cover, a groove is cut in the end.

The recess in the barrel is to be 3 3/8″ in diameter and 6 3/8″ deep. The work ing out of the recess should be done as far as possible while the dead center is in contact with the stock. When a depth is reached which makes it impossible to continue with the dead center in place, the portion of the stock can be cut free with the spear-point or round-nose chisel and the tailstock pushed back and out of the way. The remainder of the recess can be turned with the stock supported by the face plate. After completing the recess,
the waste at the live center can be re moved with the parting tool.

The barrel head is a disk of 1/4″ stock cut on the band or jig saw to fit the barrel. A saw slot made on the bench saw will provide the means for dropping money in the barrel. The barrel head is glued in place so as to make removal of money as difficult as
possible. When the barrel has been filled, it will be necessary to drill or split out the barrel head in order to remove it. The making of a new barrel head will be required for the next round of saving.

The finished barrel should have the hoops painted black; then the entire bank should be given several coats of clear varnish or orange shellac.

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