Be A Radio Electonician – Vintage Ad (1940’s)



The offer I make you here is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s your big chance to get ready for a wonderful future in the swiftly expanding field of Radio-Electronics INCLUDING Radio. Television, Frequency Modulation and Industrial Electronics. Be wise NOW’S the time to  start. Opportunities ahead are tremendous.  No previous experience is necessary. The Sprayberry Course starts right at the beginning of Radio. You can’t get lost. It gets the various subjects across in such a clear, simple way that you understand and remember. And, you can master my entire course in your spare time. It will not interfere in any way with your present duties. Along with your Training, you will receive my famous BUSINESS BUILDERS which will show you how to make some nice profits while learning.

Prepares You for a Business of Your Own Or Good Radio Job

My training will give you the broad, fundamental principles so necessary as a background, no matter which branch of Radio you wish to specialize in. I make it easy for you to learn Radio Set Repair and Installation Work. I teach you how to install and repair Electronic Equipment. In fact, you’ll be a fully qualified RADIO-ELECTRONICTAN. equipped with the skill and knowledge to perform efficiently and to make a wonderful success of yourself.

There’s only one right way to learn Radio Electronics. You must get it through simplified lesson study combined with actual “shop” practice under the personal guidance of a qualified Radio Teacher. It’s exactly this way that Sprayberry trains you . . . supplying real Radio parts for learn-by-doing experience right at home. Thus, you learn faster, your understanding is clear-cut, you acquire the practical “know how” essential to a good-paying Radio job or a Radio business of your own.
I’ll Show You a New, Fast Way to Test Radio Sets Without Mfg. Equipment

The very same Radio Parts I supply with your Course for gaining pre-experience in Radio Repair work may be adapted through an exclusive Sprayberry wiring procedure to serve for complete, fast, accurate Radio Receiver trouble-shooting. Thus, under Sprayberry methods, you do not have one cent of outlay for manufactured Test Equipment which is not only expensive but scarce.

Read What Graduate Says “One Job Nets About $26.00”

“Since last week I fixed 7 radios, all good paying jobs and right now I am working on an amplifier system. This job alone will net me about $26.00. As long as my work keeps coming in this way, I have only one word to say and that is, ‘Thanks to my Sprayberry training’ and I am not afraid to boast about it.”—ADRIEN BENJAMIN. North Grosvenordale. Conn.

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