Book Case For Odd Sized Books

Here’s the answer to your orphan books which are either too large or too small to fit gracefully in ordinary bookshelves. You can build a streamlined modernistic book case tailored to accommodate odd-sized books and to present a pleasing appearance because each book rests among other books similar in size.

To build this bookcase purchase 21 feet of 1″ x 10″ finished lumber, either fir or pine. If the locations of the shelves shown in the drawing are to be altered, tome adjustments may have to be made in the bill of materials. If the case is to be constructed as shown, the first step is that of cutting the pieces to sizes listed and marking each piece with its proper key letter for identification.

Click on the image below to get the full directions and plans for making this bookcase:

Click the image above to get full directions and plans for building the Book Case.

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