Simple Angel Wings to Make

Simple Angel Wings – Easy To Make from Crepe Paper

Simple Angel Wings to Make
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These easy-to-make Angel Wings are great for school plays, Halloween costumes, even dress-up.
They could also be used as butterfly wings, fairy wings, bug wings.

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  • Verybest Crepe, 1 fold No. 100 White;
  • 1 pc. No. 7 Flower Wire;
  • paste;
  • 1 pc. 1/2″ white Gift tyying Ribbon.

Easy Angel Wings to Make two 18″ pieces of wire with 1/2″  wide strips of crepe paper.  (see Tips for Cutting Crepe Paper)

Cut crepe paper 19″ wide, 24″ long.

Paste one wrapped wire to each 19″ edge. Fold edge over 1/2″ and paste, arranging so that the paper extends 1/2″  beyond the wire at both ends.

Fold in 1/2″ accordion pleats. Fasten at middle with thread, Fig. F. While still in tight
pleats, cut ends in semicircle, Fig. F. Cover center fastening with a narrow wrapping of crepe paper.

Sew ribbons to center in crossed position so that they may be brought over shoulders, under arms, crossed in front and tied at back.

Bend wires at center so that wings will open into correct position.

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Feather-Like Angel Wings

Make Feather Like Angel Wings

How to Make Feather-Like Angel Wings

Make Feather Like Angel Wings

  • Making Feather Wings

    Feather wings, such as Cupid wings and angel wings, are made on a founda­tion of wire bent in the correct shape, or if they are quite large, the foundation is made of cardboard reinforced with wire. When cardboard is used, cut inthe desired shape and then cut out the center, leaving a narrow frame. A wire, shaped to follow the outline of the wing, is fastened to it with tabs of gummed cloth tape (illus. No.1). After the wires are attached, cover the frame smoothly on both sides with crepe paper.

    make-feather-wings“Feathers” made of rows of pointed petals are pasted to the foundation. The wings are made separately, each one having an extension that bends back and fastens to the other. The wings are sewed to the back of the costume. Large wings, in addition to being sewed, are often tied with narrow ribbons across the chest.

Get the FULL instructions to make these feather-like Angel Wings & the Angel Costume

2 – PDF files, instant download.

Feather-Like Angel Wings & Costume Using Crepe Paper (16 pages)

Crepe Paper Costumes 101: Basic Tips for Making Crepe Paper Costumes (28 pages)

Angel Wings & Costume Instructions

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Tips For Cutting Crepe Paper

Cutting Crepe Paper for Making Crepe Paper Flowers

How to Cut Strips of Crepe Paper

When cutting a strip for petals or for wrapping stems, it will be helpful to cut the desired width through the entire fold of crepe paper so as to have ready when needed.

How to Cut Crepe Paper Evenly

In cutting crepe paper, whether a straight line or curved, start as far away from the point of the scissor a possible, and cut long swath without changing the position of the scis­sors. In this way, you will have a much smoother edge than when short cuts are made.

How to Cut Several Thicknesses of Crepe Paper

You can save time by cutting several leaves or petal at a time. A strip of crepe paper may be cut through the entire fold, but to cut petals or leaves accurately Read more

How To Stretch Crepe Paper

Stretching Crepe Paper When Making Crepe Paper Flowers

crepe paper

Image by docman via Flickr

When making flower petal or leave, stretch the crepe paper slightly before cutting out the pattern. There is a certain amount of stiffness or body in crepe paper which should be stretched out. Do not stretch it to it full capacity, however, as you will want the crepe effect in the petals and leaves. Just give the strip a slight pull.

Grains of Crepe Paper

What you need to know about Grains of Crepe Paper When Making Crepe Paper Flowers

The grain of crepe should always be from point, or top, to the base of a
petal or leaf, unless definitely stated otherwise.

How to Make Paper Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet pea
Image via Wikipedia

Making a Sweet Pea Paper Flower – Method 1

We will begin with a flower that we all know and admire for its beauty and daintiness. The Sweet Pea can be copied so perfectly in the bright crepe paper colors that it is not distinguishable from the real flower except upon close examination.

It will require practice to make the perfect flower. Your first attempt will not be all that you would desire, nor will your second, nor third. But you will see an improvement in each one that will please you, and before you realize it, you will find that practice makes perfect Sweet Peas, as well as other things. Study carefully all instructions in the text, and all “General Instruction” reference, and follow them accurately. When you do this, Read more

Decorated Crepe Costume

Decorated Crepe Paper Costume

Materials Needed (adult size)

1 Fold No. 362 Decorated Crepe
1 Fold No. 21 Heliotrope Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 22 Violet Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 23 Purple Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 11 White Crepe Paper

This easy costume can be made for virtually any theme.

A plain foundation is made. Extra pieces are Read more

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