How to Make a Basket Planter (1800’s)

This one is pretty neat. It’s not your typical “basket weaving”.

Procure a number of straight oak branches about three-quarters of an inch thick, and cut them into about twenty-four lengths, varying from six to twelve inches.

To remove the bark, score it from end to end of the sticks, place the sticks in a barrel and pour boiling water over them. The bark will then peel off easily.

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Make Your Own Watch Band (1940’s)

This durable and attractive watchband is easy to make
and quite practical.

Cut out sections of dural as shown in the sketch. After all the pieces have been cut out and properly trimmed and all sharp edges smoothed down the outside surface of the metal should be highly buffed and polished.

The sizes shown are average and may be altered to fit the person that is going to wear the band. The band may be made more adjustable by placing more holes in the strap.

This metal is very strong and light and will hold its bright polished surface for a long time. Those with artistic ability may add designs.

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