18 Inch Doll Sweater, Skirt & Step-In Knitting Patterns (#N00102)

These 3 Knitting Patterns are Perfect for an 18 Inch Doll!  Pattern restored from the 1950’s.

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18 Inch Doll Dress and Bonnet Knitting Pattern

18 Inch Doll Dress and Bonnet Knitting Patterns (#N00101)

18" Doll Dress Bonnet Knitting PatternThis Knitting Pattern is Perfect for an 18 Inch Doll!  Pattern restored from the 1950’s.


3 ply Fingering Yarn
2 oz. Turquoise (B) and 1 oz. Rose (A) for Dress and Bonnet
Two No. 10 Knitting Needles.
One Medium Crochet Hook.
5 Press Fasteners.
Length of Elastic

Chest 10 inches.
Length of Dress from top of shoulder 8 ½ inches.

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Shaded Baby Blanket Pattern (1950’s)


Shaded Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern http://vintageinfo.net/shaded-baby-blanket-pattern/Shaded Baby Blanket

Size : 34 inches square


4 ounces light weight Baby Wool 3 ply (pink or blue)

3 ounces white

1 pair No. 8 needles

1 pair No. 13 wooden needles

1 E crochet hook


stitches equal 1 inch

This blanket is knitted with 2 strands of yarn throughout.

Using two strands of pink (or blue) yarn and one of the No. 13 wooden needles, cast on 110 stitches.

(NOTE: scroll down for more information about the Baby Knitting Pattern book that this knitting pattern came from)

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Raglan Baby Sweater Pattern (1950’s)

SIZE: 6 months and 1 year


3 ounces 3 ply Baby Wool

1 pair No. 2 needles

1 set No. 2 needles, double pointed

1 steel crochet hook No. 3


8 stitches equal 1 inch

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