Table Top Bowling Alley Plans

Table Top Bowling Alley Plans

Table Top Bowling Alley Plans

Check out this nifty little bowling alley from the 1940’s.

Complete with little wooden bowler & pins.

PDF file, 20+ pages, instant download.


Mini Bowling Alley Plans

Mini Bowling Alley/Game – How to Plans – Wood Working Project

Mini Bowling Alley Plans Mini Bowling Alley / game

how to plans – wood working

This is based off of an original plan from the 1940’s.

Get the satisfaction of making a cherished game the entire family can enjoy!

    • 20+ pages of info.
      • I have taken hours upon hours to re-type the instructions so they are easily readable.
    • Materials List
    • 12 pictures
      • I enlarged these black & white photos.
    • 7 diagrams
      • I also restored and ENLARGED each diagram (this was the most tedious part of all!)
    • you are able to print out the plans or even the entire ebook.
    • you can enlarge and zoom-in on the diagrams if you would like to.

+ a BONUS mini-ebook – “The Basics of Bowling & How to Keep Score” which includes blank score sheets for you to use.

Mini bowling alley plans cover Instant Digital Delivery of items (PDF files)These are PDF files which are viewable on any computer (PC or Mac) with the free Adobe Reader.

These plans have been saved as quality PDF files that are easily viewed on ANY computer (PC or Mac) with Adobe Reader which is absolutely free. Here is what you get when you purchase these items: These are PDF files which are viewable on any computer (PC or Mac) with the free Adobe Reader. Contents 

About the mini bowling alley game:

    • The bowling alley is approximately 6 1/2 feet long X 13 1/2″ wide.


  • The legs make the bowling alley stand about 26″ tall.



  • The legs fold down for easy storage – you could even make this a table-top game if you wanted to!



 Make this mini bowling alley for yourself, your family or as a gift.

    •  perfect for kids of all ages


  • a nice addition to your game room



  • a good “conversation piece”



  • GREAT gift for the bowler in your life



  • Make your own mini bowling alley for MUCH LESS than what it would cost to buy one.



  You can even MAKE MONEY selling these handcrafted bowling alleys!

    • People are selling SMALLER mini bowling alleys on ebay for big bucks – this one is LARGER and has collapsible legs !!


  Bowling Pin Diagram  

FREE BONUS ITEM: The Basics of Bowling & How to Keep Score (PDF file)

  • explains how to keep score, striks, spares, doubles, turkeys…etc.
  • score sheets are included! Keep track of every strike and enjoy competing with family and friends!

Bowling Basics >   


Mini Bowling Alley



Wooden Toy Crane and Bulldozer Plans

Make these Wooden Toy Crane & Bulldozer - free plans here:

What little boy (and even little girl) would not enjoy playing with their very own toy crane or bulldozer? Made from easy to find and sturdy materials, these are bound to be a favorite toy for years if not generations!  These vintage toy bulldozer plans and toy crane plans are from the 1950’s.

Built of box wood, these rugged action toys will provide many hours of play for your youngsters both indoors and out-doors, and they will make excellent Christmas gift items, too. The crane, which stands about 2 ft. high, has wheels to roll on. One crank handle raises and lowers the boom while another crank handle is turned to pick up a load. Cab and boom swivel on the wheeled base. The bulldozer is strong enough for a youngster to sit on and pushes sand very realistically.

Pick up several apple boxes and carefully take them apart to avoid splitting the thinner wood on the sides.  This type of box has 3/4-in. thick wood on the ends and 5/16 to 3/8-in. thick wood on the sides. The wood from the box sides is used for all 1/4-in. thick pieces (Fig. 1).

Large empty spools can be obtained from local tailor shops. A few dowels and steel rods are the only other items needed.

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Make a toy crane and bulldozer - free plans here:


Make up the base complete with wheels and axles first. If you do not have a 10-24 thread-cutting die for the axles, drill 1/16-in. holes at each axle end, and use cotter pins to hold the wheels on. Use 1 3/8-in. dia. closet clothes-pole stock for the wheels.

Make the cab base next, permanently fastening the 3/4-in. dowel pivot with glue so it is flush with the top surface of the base. Cut the various cab parts and assemble to the cab base with nails and glue. Install the crank and spool before fastening the cab roof in place. Attach the spool to the rod by drilling a 1/16-in. hole through one-half the spool diameter and crank rod. Then drive a nail through the hole allowing the nail head to project slightly for tieing the boom lift cord to. Cut the boom arms from 1/4-in. plywood with the outside grain running lengthwise so that the arms will bend when bolting them to the spacer blocks at each end.

Now, make the two swivel discs and temporarily assemble the crane to see that all parts fit properly before painting. Then disassemble and paint the boom and cab roof black; the cab orange, yellow or red; the base and part of the cab base machinery gray. When dry, rig cords to raise and lower the boom with the spool inside the cab and raise and lower the hook with spool on boom. Make up two stop blocks as in Fig. 2 & 3, and fasten with wood screws so that the blocks can be swung clear of the crank handles when turning them.

Make a toy crane and bulldozer - free plans here:

Don’t forget that every crane and bulldozer operator needs a bright yellow hard-hat to look the part – check out this great hard-hat on Amazon here.


The bulldozer, having fewer moving parts, is some what simpler to make than the crane. Start with the base (Fig. 4), drilling it for the 3/8-in. curtain rod axles but do not assemble the wheels at this time. Make up the engine and seat parts and assemble with nails to the engine base. For wheels, glue two pieces of 5/8-in. thick stock together and saw out oh a jig or band saw. Drill the wheels in the exact center and assemble with axles to the base. Plane a 4 x 10-in. piece at an angle for the blade and attach to the base with the two blade arms. They should be free to move up and down to follow the contour of the ground. Paint engine red and rest of bulldozer dark green, yellow or grey. Drive a screweye into rear edge of base so that other toys can be hooked on for towing.

Make a toy crane and bulldozer - free plans here:

Make a toy crane and bulldozer - free plans here:

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Now over to you!

Who are you going to make the crane and bulldozer for?  Let me know in the comments below…

Child's Upholstered Rocking Chair Plan

Children’s Upholstered Rocking Chair Plans – 1940s

Enjoy making this Children’s Rocking Chair from these restored and refreshed 1940’s plans.

.PDF file – instant download

Nothing delights children more than to have their own small furniture that duplicates in appearance and comfort the pieces that grown-ups enjoy. This is particularly true of a rocking chair, which seems to satisfy a natural craving for activity even while reading a story book.

The original chair is in Chinese red with gaily figured upholstery.

Approximate measurements of rocking chair:

width 16″

depth 13″ for seat /Rails are 23″ long

height 22″



childs-upholstered-rocker-page2-ex childs-upholstered-rocker-page2a-ex

Build this Kid’s Pool and Sand Box Combo

Kid's Pool and Sand Box Plans Grandfather built me a sand box but it sure was not this elaborate!

Compact and complete, this back-yard summer resort for small children includes a wading pool, sand-box, and shelves on which to put away boats, pails, and beach balls. Removable awnings protect against sunburn and on cloudy days are stored beside the tiny “cottage”.

General dimensions are given, but the size may be increased, if desired. Skids 9 ft. 6 in. long permit moving the “beach” from one spot to another.

The sand-box floor is tongue-and-groove material. For the tank, use 3/4 by 10-in. boards with squared edges. Candle wicking is laid in marine glue along each edge before the next board is drawn up tight, and it is also used at the sides and comers, where triangular cleats are nailed or screwed down over the calking. Bear in mind that marine glue is not casein glue; each has its purpose and each is excellent for that purpose. A sketch shows how the candle wicking is laid.

The central “cottage” is constructed as indicated in the cutaway perspective. The partition is important as it prevents water from being splashed over into the sand and sand being tracked into the pool. Also, toys can be kept in order on the shelves.

All sharp corners and edges should be rounded. The hardware should be galvanized. or very thoroughly painted.  Brass screws are best for the water tank. An effective paint combination would be a dark green exterior for the sand-box and pool; a lighter green for the cottage, with a red  roof; and bright yellow for the inside.

Original Source: Popular Science, April 1939 (click here to get your copy).

How to build a bicycle trailer from plywood

How to Build a Bicycle Trailer from Plywood

How to build a bicycle trailer from plywoodThis trim bicycle trailer combines lightness with strength, and a large number of packages may be carried within it. The body is constructed mainly of plywood, assembled with three-cornered cleats, screws, and glue. (Cleats of this type also make it easy to clean accumulated litter out of the corners.) Axle supports are braced with a cross member, and standard balloon wheels are used on the original model. The rubber collar inserted in the hitch makes for quiet running. Waterproof plywood is the best to use, but in any case give the wood two or three coats of shellac or paint it as desired.

bicycle trailer from plywood diagram

Plywood is used for the body, axle supports, and cross member. The wheels are of a commercial balloon type.

A rubber collar between the tongue of the trailer and the bicycle bracket, as shown below, makes a silent hitch.

bicycle trailer diagram 2

Duck and Duckling Knitting Patterns

Duck and Ducklings Knitting Patterns (#109)

Duck and Duckling Knitting Patterns

Quack, quack, quack go the Momma duck and here little ducklings! Adorable and easy to knit.

(this is a paid pattern)


4 ply Miss Canada Superior Fingering.

Duck – 2 ozs. Yellow and ¼ oz. Orange.

Scraps of Black for embroidery.

Two No. 8 Knitting Needles.

Kapok for stuffing.

Ducklings – Wool left from Duck will make 2 Ducklings.

Two No. 11 Knitting Needles.

Kapok for stuffing.



Duck – 8½ ins. high.

Ducklings – 5½ ins. high.

(this is a paid pattern)

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