Make A Lighthouse Lamp (1940’s)

Make a Lighthouse Lamp entrance hallways and stair landings a small light is sometimes needed as a safety measure. For this purpose the model lighthouse illustrated here is ideal. It presents a pleasing appearance and costs little to operate. Construction centers around a wood-turning lathe. The pedestal is made of oak and is filled and stained to bring out the richness of the grain.

Where ever a small light is required as a safety measure this attractive lamp will be appropriate. It takes little space and operates all night at low cost. A 7 1/2-watt electric light bulb of the type used as a pilot light on electrical equipment is housed behind a piece of frosted celluloid.

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Make Your Own Wooden Darts (1940’s)

Playing dart games is much more fun if you have well-made darts, so accurately machined that they will give a consistently uniform performance.

Ever play the game of darts with your lathe? It’s double-barreled fun, for after you have spent an enjoyable two or three hours making some darts, you can have the added pleasure of throwing them at a target.

Steps are illustrated in the machining of a dart body from a 7/16″ aluminum aircraft bolt. If round bar stock is used, the opera tions are the same.

Clamp the stock in a chuck or collet with about 1 3/4″ projecting. Face off the end if necessary. With a center drill in a tailstock chuck, spot a hole in the rod end; then drill it as shown in Fig. 1 to a depth of about 3/8″ with a bit of the diameter required to receive the steel point in a drive fit.

Machine about 1 1/2″ of the rod to a diameter of 3/8″, and round the end for a distance of 3/8″ as shown in Fig. 2 to a contour approximating that of the nose of a bomb or rocket. Knurl lightly as shown in Fig. 3 the next 3/8″ to enable you to get a firm grip on the dart when throwing it.

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Salt & Pepper Set – Lathe Project

This vintage salt and pepper shaker set also includes an oval stand to hold the shakers and also a “mustard pot”. I would turn the “mustard pot” into a sugar bowl personally. The recommended wood for this set is rosewood or ebony.

To get the full directions for making the salt & pepper shaker set on your lathe, CLICK HERE

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