Walnut Gun Rack to Make

Standing a gun in the corner or hiding it away in a closet with the vacuum cleaner is hardly the way for a sportsman to treat the companion of his hunting trips. Guns are very decorative and make a most interesting display in the game room or the den. Aside from the matter of appearance, this rack will secure guns safe from damage by falling. There is no longer danger of the stock being dented or the telescope sight being knocked out of alignment.
The craftsman can, of course, make the rack from any .wood he wishes, but walnut seems to be suited above all others. Walnut is a wood used in gunstocks, and the tree itself is sure to be part of the memory of trips afield. What hunter hasn’t stopped under a walnut tree to eat lunch or admire the grouse he shot? Read more

Wooden Beverage Tray Project

The beverage tray, accommodating glasses, involves a little more work than some of the other jig saw projects, but every bit of work will be well repaid through the long service of this tray.
The design for the end is shown on graph squares and should be enlarged on Read more

Wooden Key Rack to Make

A part from the keys on one’s key chain, every home has a collection of keys for general use. Some of them are spares, some are for rooms that are infrequently locked and some are the only keys on hand and intended for all to use. Almost every key in these collections at some time or other has been mislaid, carried away by mistake, or has lost its identity, thus requiring many trials and errors before the right fit is found. This key rack, aside from its attractiveness and the sense of orderliness that it gives, prevents any of these troubles.
Each key has a large colored tag which at once prevents it from being hidden in the litter on the shop bench or Read more

Make a Chef’s Cutting Board

A French chef’s knife is a wonderful instrument for cutting up vegetables for soups, salads or other culinary projects. The housewife usually finds that some cut pieces are always sliding off the board onto the table or the floor. To avoid this, she must stop often to gather up the pieces and collect them in a dish. Our modern-style cutting board Read more

Pony Express Silhouette Shadow Pattern

Click on the image above to get a larger size.

This cowboy on horseback is part of the Pony Express.  Use the entire silhouette as it is or with slight modification you could make it into just a cowboy on horseback.

Use this shadow pattern to create unique yard art, for scrap booking, stamp making or any of a number of projects.

Click on the image to get a larger version of it.  Use graph paper to adjust the size of the image.

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Book Case For Odd Sized Books

Here’s the answer to your orphan books which are either too large or too small to fit gracefully in ordinary bookshelves. You can build a streamlined modernistic book case tailored to accommodate odd-sized books and to present a pleasing appearance because each book rests among other books similar in size.

To build this bookcase purchase 21 feet of 1″ x 10″ finished lumber, either fir or pine. If the locations of the shelves shown in the drawing are to be altered, tome adjustments may have to be made in the bill of materials. If the case is to be constructed as shown, the first step is that of cutting the pieces to sizes listed and marking each piece with its proper key letter for identification. Read more

Cowboy Shooting Gun Shadow Pattern

Click on the image above to get a larger version of it.

This cowboy is in the middle of a shoot-out.  He looks like he is hiding behind a trunk of treasure with a jug o’ whiskey sitting in front of it.  Poised and ready to defend his loot, he is aimed directly at the outlaws disturbing the town.

This cowboy shadow pattern / silhouette pattern has many uses.  You can make it into yard art using your jig saw/scroll saw, use it for scrap booking, create a card, make a stamp….etc.

Click on the image to get a larger version of it.  Use graph paper to adjust the size of the image.

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