Walnut Gun Rack to Make

Standing a gun in the corner or hiding it away in a closet with the vacuum cleaner is hardly the way for a sportsman to treat the companion of his hunting trips. Guns are very decorative and make a most interesting display in the game room or the den. Aside from the matter of appearance, this rack will secure guns safe from damage by falling. There is no longer danger of the stock being dented or the telescope sight being knocked out of alignment.
The craftsman can, of course, make the rack from any .wood he wishes, but walnut seems to be suited above all others. Walnut is a wood used in gunstocks, and the tree itself is sure to be part of the memory of trips afield. What hunter hasn’t stopped under a walnut tree to eat lunch or admire the grouse he shot? Read more

Easy Dowel Shelves to Make

These cute nic-nac shelves can be made quickly, easily and cheaply. Use scrap plywood to make the shelves.

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Make a Folding Shelf – Quick, Easy & Useful (1940’s)


This is a great little shelf to put where space is at a premium.  You can easily put the shelf up or down as needed.  And you can make this one in minutes!

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Make a Corner Shelf – Maple Leaf design (1940’s)

This may be the perfect corner shelf for adding a little decoration to your room. The sides are duplicates so you can cut them together which makes this a quick project. However – one side should be 1/4″ wider than the other at the back edge.

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