How to Make a Paper Boat (#1) (early 1900’s)

Paper Boat #1

This is a nice pattern to make a simple Paper Boat. I remember making these out of whatever paper was available and making large paper boats out of newspaper. Enjoy making this paper boat!

Cut a piece of white writing paper, but not of too stiff a quality, six inches by four (fig.1); fold it to the dotted line a, making exactly one half when folded to c;

Scroll down to see a video of how to make a paper boat!

Figure 1 - Paper Boat

then the corners b b are to meet in the center (fig.2);

Figure 2 - Paper Boat

turn down the two sides d forming the dotted lines e, take the two sides between each finger and thumb, in the left hand, and with the right pull it out until it forms fig. 3, taking care to turn over the corners at dotted line e;

Figure 3 - Paper Boat

turn down the two top lines to dotted line g, pull out the sides again, as before, to make fig. 4;

Figure 4 - Paper Boat

a a being pulled out as before described, taking care not to press the iside, it will form the boat, fig. 5.

Figure 5 - Paper Boat

Make your hand into a singing old lady (1800’s)

Ok, so they didn’t have TV or video games in the 1800’s so they needed to think of other ways to entertain themselves. I think if I saw a grown man doing this I would think he was a little “off”. Could be fun for the kids though….

The experiment shown in the illustration is bound to find favor with grown-up people as well as with young folks.

All you have to do is to paint two eyes, and underneath them a nose, on the knuckles of your index and third finger, as shown in the lower part of the illustration.

(If this gave you a chuckle then Check out The Darwin Awards Next Evolution )

The thumb pressed against the index finger and moved up and down will represent a toothless mouth.

The knuckle of the index finger forms the nose, above it are the eyes.

By draping the face with a towel we have the features of an old woman, especially effective when the light is not very bright.

After a little practice you will succeed in moving the thumb (representing the lower lip and chin) up and down, while you sing a song in a nasal voice, or carry on a conversation with the audience in the voice of an old woman.

I think you should do this at work on Monday – it’d be one heck of a way to start the week! (and get dismissed for lunacy!) LOL

If this gave you a chuckle then
Check out The Darwin Awards Next Evolution

How to make a coin roll on the edge of a knife – Magic (1800’s)

This could be a fun “bet”. Set out a knife, a quarter, dime, nickel and some wax. Make a bet that you could make the coins all roll on the edge of the knife.
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