Vintage Halloween Betty Grable

Vintage Halloween Pin Up Pic

Vintage Halloween Betty Grable

I love this vintage Halloween pic! How about you?

Some awesome readers let me know that this is Betty Grable 🙂

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Vintage Halloween Decorating Ideas from 1919 found at

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas from 1919

Vintage Halloween Decorating Ideas from 1919 found at www.VintageInfo.netFor the decoration of the table a Japanese umbrella is used as a foundation for the hanging centerpiece. The funny-faced lanterns are glass fish globes, and tiny red or blue light bulbs could be dropped into them. The place-card people have fortunes fastened to their backs.

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Video of the 1935 Hallowe’en Parties Magazine

Get your own Digital Edition of the 1935 Hallowe’en Parties Magazine

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Halloween Tambourines – Collectibles

[phpbay]halloween tambourine, 12, “”, “”[/phpbay]

Halloween Tambourines are popular noisemaker type collectibles.I personally like that they aren’t quite as loud/annoying as your standard noisemakers.

Most of the vintage ones I’ve seen are made of metal.

Check out some neat vintage Halloween Tambourines to the right.


Can You ID This Skeleton?

I received an e-mail from a researcher the other day and he could use your help.

Here is his e-mail:

I am wondering if you can help solve an old mystery.  Do you recognize this old paper Halloween skeleton:

It appeared inside a Halloween card in 1970, so the skeleton is probably only 3 or 4 inches in size. It looks like an pre-made die cut paper product. I suppose it could also be a sticker, or cut out by hand from a greeting card or some other source.



Can You ID the Skeleton Pictured Above?


A similar die-cut skeleton was made by Dennison in the 60s:

Dancing Skeleton


So….can you help out this researcher?  If so, please post your response below in the “Leave Reply /  Comments” area.

Putting Together The Witch's Cat

This is a cute twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


Image via Wikipedia

Making a black cat may be the next stunt/game for your Halloween Party.

A large black cardboard cat is cut into as many pieces as there are players.

Each child is given a piece and one by one, as they are blindfolded, they try to pin the pieces of the cat in correct position on a sheet or curtain.

If the party is a large one, there may be two teams, and the team that succeeds in putting together the most anatomically correct cat is the winner.

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