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Trushay Beforehand Lotion Vintage Ad (1949)

“For every woman who leads a double life…” it says on the top of this ad from 1949.  That is OVER 60 years ago….yet many of us women could still relate to this.

The text from this ad is below.  It certainly gave me a few chuckles – Enjoy!

For every woman who leads a double life…

Helpmate you! It’s holiday time – and you’ve extra cooking, extra scrubbing, extra dishes to do! Now, more than ever, your hands are in hot, soapy water. But, you don’t want them rough and kitcheny-looking.  For when festive moments come, it’s…

TRUSHAY…the “beforehand” lotion…guards your hands even in hot, soapy water!

Fashionplate you! And you want your hands lovely as your newest gown! Soft and smooth – not dry or chapped.  That’s why Trushay is a must for you. Read how this unique “beforehand” lotion guards hands while you work – keeps them soft as a model’s.

LUXURIOUS, VELVETY TRUSHAY —yes, it’s beauty-designed for you! You and every woman whose hands are in and out—in and out—of hot, soapy water. “Beforehand” Trushay—a new idea in hand care. A lotion so oil-rich you put it on BEFORE doing dishes or light laundry—and it protects your hands right in the hot, soapy water! Actually helps prevent its drying, roughening damage. Softens and smooths—keeping your hands attractive for holiday glamour moments.

Cherish your hands with Trushay —begin its fabulous “beforehand” care today. And remember, Trushay leads a double life, too! It’s marvelous “beforehand”—and it’s a wonderful lotion to use any time. So have a bottle on your dressing table, as well as in your kitchen. Use Trushay as a softener, a body rub, a powder base. Smooth it on before you go out in wintry weather. Creamy Trushay makes your skin much softer—and guards against painful, ugly chapping.

Children's Halloween Costume Ideas 1920's http://vintageinfo.net/childrens-halloween-costumes-from-the-1920s/ #halloweencostume #vintagehalloween

Children’s Halloween Costumes from the 1920’s

Here’s some vintage inspiration for your little one’s Halloween Costume:

“Merry Revellers

“Here’s a gay bevy of Carnival Folk – Oranges and Lemons in tarlatan skirts and black gold-laced bodice – the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame, in a home-made brushed wool or animal plush costume. The Butterfly wears a little pleated under-dress of sulphur yellow tulle with gauzy wings, daubed with orange and brown paint.  True to tradition, the little Red Witch flaunts a bold blak cat on her scarlet head-dress, which matches her sateen frock.  The fluffy Chick is just a mass of muslin frills, with fluffy wool cap.  Dress the Candlestick in bright green with candle head-dress and wool “light”. “

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Merry Revellers Children's Costumes for Halloween http://vintageinfo.net/childrens-halloween-costumes-from-the-1920s/

Speed King 1930’s Ad

I must admit that when I first saw this ad I had visions of people accidentally electricuting themselves. Honestly, have you seen what old electrical cords look like? How in the world was this contraption safe?

Here it is! The new, amazing Speed King Electric Water Heater – that heats water so fast that one 60-Second Demonstration amazes the doubters – convinces the skeptical. No fuss! No muss! No Waiting! Drop the Speed King into water – plug in any AC or DC socket – and presto…Hot Water for shaving, dish washing, cleaning, washing hose, lingerie, and for emergency needs.


Caption This 1930’s Cartoon

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Your Mind and How To Use It Ad


from the 1930’s…

WHICH of these “Mindl-Weaknesses” are keeping YOU from getting ahead? Does gnawing self-consciousness obstruct your every move? Does a “memory like a sieve” continually embarrass you? ls indecision the handicap that makes your superiors unwilling to trust you with anything but dull, routine work?


You know that MILLIONS of people let their minds condemn them to LIFETIMES of fear, worry, failure. Lives barren of culture, happiness, friendships. Lives burdened with boredom, debt, inferiority. Lives wholly devoid of LIFE!


But what of YOUR life? Is lack of initiative slowly forcing you to accept an existence like that? ls your failure to concentrate on your work resulting in a LACK of results? Do you fear that you will soon be joining the “9 out of 10” who never learned to MAKE the MOST of their MINDS?


Harley-Davidson Ad from 1939

The Sport of Thrills

Fun galore in the greatest of all outdoor sports – motorcycling! You’re due for the thrills of a lifetime when you own a Harley-Davidson, world’s champion motorcycle. Join a live-wire riders’ club. Make new friends and ride with them on club tours, reliability and endurance runs. Take in hill climbs, tourist trophy races, speed events, and other interesting affairs. See your Harley-Davidson dealer – take a free ride on one of these staunch mounts – learn the thrill of motorcycling – ask about his Easy Pay Plans. And send coupon NOW!

Harley-Davidson – World’s Champion Motorcycle

1930’s Period Protection

Luckily the Kotex belt is before my time – however I have heard others talk about it – sounding like a blast – NOT! This protective apron thing they mention in this ad – I have never heard of it before – according to this ad it is “rustle-proof”.  Can someone explain to me – did you wear it under your skirt?

Supply yourself with Kotex…Kotex Belt…Kotex Apron

All 3 designed for woman’s health and comfort.


Kotex, you know, is the sanitary pad that is fashioned to fit. It is just wide enough, just long enough. The leading hospitals now use Kotex.


It’s lighter, cooler than cotton. lt absorbs so quickly and so thoroughly!


There is no danger of getting Kotex wrongly adjusted. It is every bit as satisfactory, no matter which way you choose to wear it. lsn’t that a relief? Then, of course, there is the reason so many women began to use Kotex: it is easily disposable.


To give women the newest and best in every form of sanitary protection, the Kotex Company has developed a new sanitary belt and apron! These new sanitary accessories are now ready, at drug, dry goods and department stores.


New-type Belt

The new Kotex belt is different from any sanitary belt you‘ve ever seen. It is woven to a curve, so that it fits perfectly without a fold or wrinkle.


Every possible care has been taken to give you the daintiest, finest accessory possible. Little details like these: firm silk grosgrain ribbon to attach the pins… sati tabs for pinning. Truly a Kotex product! There are two widths- 1 inch and 1 1/2-inch. Three sizes- large, medium and small. The price is but 60 cents.


The New Kotex Apron is feather-light, made of finest Japanese silk so delicately rubberized that it won’t get gummy or sticky. Launders perfectly. Ideal not only for sanitary purposes, but for every-day wear to keep skirts immaculately free from wrinkles. Rustle-proof. Two sizes- regular and junior. Price 85 cents.

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