Chef Spice Shelf to Make

Here’s a little spice shelf that any jigsaw enthusiast can produce in a hurry. As shown in the photograph, the shelf depicts a tiny chef standing in the doorway of his shop, with various spices on display in the windows.

Prepare a full-size pattern for the front piece on a sheet of paper at least 8″ x 15″ with the aid of 1/2″ graph squares. Transfer the outline to a piece of 1/4″ plywood measuring the same size as the pattern. The work of cutting this member to shape is done on the jig saw.

In order to remove the sections of stock to produce the outlines of the windows, door and chef, it will be necessary to bore a small hole within each area that is to be pierced. Through these holes the jigsaw blade can pass.

Make the shelf from the same 1/4″ thick material. The finished size of this member should be 2 1/2 x 13″. Make the sides from 1/2″ material, sawing them to the dimensions shown.

Assemble the pieces with glue and brads, letting the assembly drawing be your guide. Set all brads, fill the holes, and you’re ready for finishing.

The front, sides and shelf of the original were enameled bright red, then spattered with white. The chef’s face and hands were painted flesh color, and shoes, trousers, eyes, mustache and other details were added with black. His hat and coat were enameled white.

Tack a couple of picture hangers to the backs of the side pieces, and the shelf is ready for duty on the kitchen wall.—Carl Sorensen

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