Christmas Placecard Ideas

Snowman Place Card

Your place cards may range from tiny individual trees t0 the simplest of decorated cards. Here are four ideas for easy to make Christmas Place Cards.

Snowman Place Cards & Gumdrop Animal Place CardsGumdrop Animal Place Card

An idea which the children particularly enjoy is a collection of marshmallow snowmen, or gumdrop animals, to hold each place card. Whole cloves are used for eyes and buttons. Long  gumdrops, with toothpicks inserted, are used for the arms. The hat, and perhaps a small broom, could be cut from construction paper. Gumdrop animals will require only the candies, toothpicks, cloves -and a child’s imagination.

Miniature Tree Place Cards

The trees are made by placing appropriately shaped clusters of evergreen in moist plaster-of­-Paris. When this compound has hardened, the miniature tree stands upright and can be decorated with small metallic gummed stars or multi-colored gumdrops.

Simple Christmas Place CardPaper Place Card

Or if time is short, the simplest of place cards can be made from a fold of stiff white paper wilh a liny sprig of evergreen and a small cone, or bow, glued at one side.

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