Christmas Tree Ornaments from Aluminum Foil

These are easy and fun to make Christmas Ornaments & Christmas Decorations using aluminum foil and some creativity.  Great Christmas project for children and adults alike.

Save the tubes from aluminum foil, gift wrap…etc.  Slice tube into 1″ rings.  Use Saw tooth knife, steak knife, or scissors. Wrap foil smoothly around each ring. Use these rings  for all the decorations on this page.

Christmas Tree Ornaments from Alumanim Foil

1. Hang a 1″ ball in silver ring. Tie a bow on top.
2. Glue a 1/2″ bead on colored aluminum star. Tape star to ring. Tie bow on top.
3. Make like #1 without bow. Wire beads around ring.
4. Wire bead(s} through center of ring. Wrap tinsel  around edge.

Kissing Ring

  • Make 16 silver rings.
  • Hang small ball in each.
  • Lay rings flat on table to form circle.
  • Tape together with cellophane tape.
  • Tie bow at top.
  • Arrange mistletoe in center.

Star Tree

  • Make 26 rings.
  • Tape together as indicated.
  • For base, tape 1 ring in front and 1 ring in back of 2 rings taped together.
  • Use colored aluminum stars with beads for decoration

Noel Decoration

  • Make 37 rings.
  • Thread semi·stiff wire through rings to form letters,
    running 2 beads onto the wire in each
  • Tape for added strength, if necessary.

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