Closet Shoe Rack(1945’s)


To get the full plans and directions for building these Closet Shoe Rack CLICK HERE

MOTIFS that symbolize the purpose of a household accessory contribute novelty to the object if the motifs are as well chosen as the one for this shoe rack. Here a riding boot has been utilized for each upright supporting two tiers of stretcher dowels on which shoes can be conveniently stored.The uprights will require two pieces of 3/4″ stock, either plywood or solid stock, 12″ wide and 19″ long. Since these members are alike in contour, the stock from which they are to be made may be fastened together temporarily with l 1/4″ brads so that the identical uprights may be cut out as a single unit. The brads used for this purpose should be located outside that portion of the stock used for the boot.

A full-size pattern of the boot may be laid out on a sheet of paper and then be transferred to the stock with the aid of carbon paper, or the outline may be drawn directly on the wood. The laying out of a paper pattern is preferable as this method will eliminate the need of sanding off the graph squares which would have to be drawn on the stock. The locations of the 1/2″ holes to receive the dowel stretchers should be established on the pattern so they can be transferred to the stock before the wood is cut to shape. After the pattern has been traced on the stock, the four 1/2″ holes that are to take the dowels should be bored through both pieces of wood. The stock for the uprights is cut to shape on the band saw or jig saw. Sawed edges are finished smooth with a fife and sandpaper.

The length of the dowels on which the shoes are to rest will depend on the number or pairs that are to be stored. Each pair of men’s shoes will require about 9″ of dowel. A full length dowel which measures 36″ long will provide space for four pairs of men’s shoes on each shelf. The dowels are cut to length and are then glued in the hole provided in each upright. The assembled rack should be given a coat of shellac. When this coat has dried, a coat of light brown enamel should be applied to the entire piece. The laces, eyes, soles and heels of the boots may be drawn with dark brown or black enamel.

To get the full plans and directions for building these Closet Shoe Rack CLICK HERE

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