Deer & Moon Christmas Decoration

Could there be a nicer tree for your friends and family than this one of pure legendary whimsey? Here a new moon and deer cavort in joyous exaltation to awaken the spirit of the child within each man.

Place a dowel stick 1″ thick x 50″ long in a container of sand. Paint conĀ­ tainer and stick silver.

Cut a paper pattern of a highly stylized or fanciful reindeer, 18″ long from head to rump. Do not include antlers and tail as they will be made of another material. Place the pattern on In chicken wire. Cut two pieces. Place a 2″ to 3″layer of dampened sphagnum moss between the pieces. Wire the two pieces together.

Cut a crescent moon pattern. Place moon pattern on 1″ chicken wire, cut two pieces, and proceed as above.

Wire deer to the lower section of the dowel stick on a diagonal line, head up. Place the moon at the top of the stick in a counter-balance diagonal.

Cut evergreens such as yew, boxwood, cedar, juniper or arborvitae into 3″ lengths. Cut the stem end on a sharp slant and insert into the dampened sphagnum moss until both forms are completely covered. If you find it difficult to insert the greens try binding two or three pieces to a florist stick and thrust the stick into the moss.

String small silver balls on No. 18 wire to resemble antlers and tail. Wire to head and rump. Wire silver balls to florist sticks and tuck among the greens at the edge of the moon.

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