Easy Winter Window Decoration (1910)

This is an easy way to make winter/Christmas window decorations. It actually could be useful anytime of year. As this was popular in 1910, I have no idea whether this is OK to use around kids now-a-days. I also don’t know if this could harm windows if they have special glazing on them or anything like that. It’s simple enough to do – do a test patch on a small section of window first. Enjoy!

This year while searching for new ways of decorating my windows for Christmas, I happened onto a device for window decoration which may be helpful to others. I covered the window with an even coating of window wash (Bon Ami), and then drew pictures in it by rubbing it off. At first I used a cardboard pattern to get the outline, and then erased the inner part, but later I found that any of the blackboard sketches given in the educational journals could be drawn in it. Anyone with any talent for drawing will find it can be used almost easily as chalk on the blackboard. Those who cannot draw freehand, can use any of the patterns shown in the journals.

Of course it is prettier for winter decoration as it is so suitable for snow scenes, and yet it can be used any time in the year.

I found by laying it off in diamond-shaped sections, it made a very pleasing imitation of leaded glass. It could not of course, be used very well unless the windows are large. It does not shut out the light as one might think, but rather seems to soften the light. I also find that on days which are cloudy with occasional glimpses of the sun, I do not need to be continually adjusting the shades as formerly.

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