Flower Boutonniere Crochet Pattern


3 ply Fingering

Scraps of Dark Green, Brown and various flower colors

One No. 4 Steel Crochet Hook (American Gauge).

2/3 yd. fine Millinery Wire.


To make petal: Ch. 3. sts. Join in ring with s.s.

1st round: 11 s.c. in ring.

2nd round: 2 s.c. in each of the 11 s.c. of previous round.

3rd and 4th rounds: 1.s.c. in each s.c. of previous round. Fasten off. Darn in ends. Make 3 more petals. Sew the 4 petals together through centers, and sew 6 strands of wool in center for stamens, tying them together at one end in pairs. Make desired number of flowers in various colors.


With Green Ch. 9 sts. 1.s.c. in 2nd Ch. from hook. 1.s.c. in each Ch. to last Ch.

3 s.c. in last Ch. 1.s.c. in each st. along other side of Ch. Join to 1st s.c. with s.s. Fasten off leaving an end 8 ins long for sewing. Make 2 leaves for each flower and 2 leaves to be sewn where twigs of stalk join.


Bend wire into desired shape making longest twig 5 ins. and the shorter twig 3 ins. long. Wind wool evenly around stalk. Sew flowers and leaves on stalk as illustrated.

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