Frog Halloween Costume to Make

frog1-webIf an entire costume is wanted, cover a sleeping garment with crushed crepe paper*. Follow the general instructions for the Panda Bear, omitting feet and making the legs and arms just as tight as possible yet allowing the garment to be taken off and on.

Material (for head and hands only) – Verybest Crepe

  • 1 fold each No. 130 Spring Green,
  • No. 135 Emerald Green (3 folds more of eachcolor for complete costume);
  • 1 sheet green mat stock;
  • 1 sheet black glazed paper;
  • metal paper fasteners;
  • 2 yds. 1/2″ emerald green ribbon;
  • spool wire;
  • paste

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Make a pattern, Fig. 2, page 31. Cut mat stock. Crease on dotted lines. Cover with crushed green crepe paper*, applying the paste all over the mat stock and pressing the crepe paper down on it firmly. Use dark and light green as illustrated.

Turn surplus over and paste to under side. Overlap at back and fasten with paper fasteners. For eyes, make 2″ balls of crepe paper. Cover
with black glazed paper, pasting firmly under neath. Thrust a piece of spool wire across at the bottom, Fig. B. Use the ends to fasten through
the head. Twist to hold. Cover the lower part where eyes are attached with crushed green crepe paper. Paste curved pieces of glazed
paper in position for big wide mouth.


Make a cap foundation of a double thickness of green crepe paper, using pieces 16″ wide and correct length for head size*. Double and cut out opening, Fig. C. Paste or stitch around opening. Seam ends together for about 5″ at top. Gather at top with needle and thread. Paste into cardboard head at top and down back. Sew ribbon ties in place.

Cut hands from double thickness, stitch around edge, add ribbon ties, Fig. D.

* detailed instructions for these processes can be found on pages 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of

45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

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