Homemade Picture Ornament (early 1900’s)

Finished Christmas OrnamentThis Christmas ornament was originally made to be a “needle-book”. I think it would make a nice gift as just a regular ornament. Get creative with this one and try different types of string, embroidery floss, thin ribbon, even yarn. Put a picture of a favorite scene, favorite relative, animal or a holy picture as the directions suggest. While these Christmas ornaments are easy to make, I disagree with the original instructions which state that “any first grad child can make it” – it seems a bit challenging. I think first graders might get a bit frustrated. I guess first-graders in the early 1900’s had a different skill-set than modern -day first graders. Of course, I could be incorrect. Enjoy!

A very pretty and useful gift is shown in Fig. F. Any mother would be pleased to get one of these needle-books. It looks difficult, but it is so simple that any first grade child can make it. Out of white bristol board cut two circles. Notch the edge of each as shown in Fig. F. Wind each circle with silkateen. Proceed in the following manner: Fig. F.

  • Place the end of the silkateen in notch 1.
  • Bring it across the back of the circle to notch 2,
  • then across the front of the circle to notch 3,
  • then across the back of the circle to notch 4,
  • then across the front of the circle to notch 5,
  • then across the back of the circle to notch 6,
  • and so on,
  • continuing to wind until you come to notch 1, where you started.

Fig. F shows the result obtained by winding the circle as described. Any color of silkateen may be used, but a dainty pink or blue is prettiest. Let the pupils bring pieces of white flannel from home. Out of these pieces let them cut circles for the inside of the needle-book. Punch a hole near the notch marked 1 and tie the book together with baby ribbon the same shade as the silkateen used for winding.

Figure F1

The Christmas colors might be used if preferred. In this case, cut the two circles out of dark green cardboard (poster board). Wind them with dark red silkateen. (Instead of stopping to wind when 1 is reached, continue winding and Fig. G will be the result). Paste a holy sticker in the open space in the center. Tie with red baby ribbon. Fig. G shows a picture frame in which the needle-book idea is used. It is wound in the same way as the needle-book just described. In the center is pasted the Hoffman head instead of the holy sticker as for the needle-book.

Different effects may be produced by using different colors of cardboard and silkateen. The design made by winding is a star which makes it all the more appropriate for Christmas. A Black cardboard circle wound with yellow silkateen and hung with yellow baby ribbon is very pretty.

A dark green cardboard circle wound with red silkateen and hung with red baby ribbon is also very pretty and appropriate.

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