Novelty Horse Spoon Holder

This merry-go-round rack was designed for the display of six prized teaspoons or a collection of souvenir spoons. It makes a colorful little ornament for the china closet and can be lifted out bodily when desired to help decorate the tea table.

The holder is made entirely of  1/4″ plywood. For the horses, four pieces 2 3/4″ wide and 2 1/2″ long are required. Draw a full-size pattern on paper with the aid of 1/2″ squares, paste it on one piece of the plywood, nail all four to gether in the waste wood and jigsaw them to shape.

The two disks, which are 6″ in diameter, can also be cut in one operation. When this has been done, separate them and lay out and cut the notches for the spoons in one of them; also a 1/4,” x 2″ mortise in the center through which the handle can be clipped.

The central support consists of two pieces 3″ wide, one 4″ long and the other 6″ long. The smaller piece is left rectangular in shape and a notch 1/4″ x 2″ is cut in the center of one end as indicated. The other piece is jigsawed to the
shape shown and has a similar notch cut in the lower end. A 3/4″ hole is bored in the handle end. Cut the notches so that the two parts will fit tightly together. Glue them together, then fasten the lower disk with glue and small brads. Place the top disk over the handle, fastening it in the same way. The last operation is to glue  and brad the horses on the edges of the center section.

Paint the holder with poster paint applied directly on the raw wood. If the plywood has been carefully sanded, particularly all the edges, the poster paints will cover well and they have the advantage of drying quickly.

Then apply a coat of shellac and one or two coats of spar varnish. The high gloss of the final coat may be rubbed down, after the varnish has had ample time to dry hard, by using very fine waterproof sandpaper and water or powdered pumice stone and oil. Felt may be glued to the bottom if desired. —R. L. Fairall

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