House-To-House Halloween Party Idea

For many years groups of parents have worked together to give their children progressive or house-to-house parties.  They have met with such great success that we’ve been collecting definite ideas for these functions.

The great advantage of a progressive party is that it enables the youngsters to be out-of-doors part of the time, and provides active exercise that fulfills youthful
yearnings for a rip-roaring good time.

Adult “ghosts” should accompany the group on each excursion.

People in the same neighborhood can get together and plan the programs that will take place in each house. If six families join forces they might share the expenses
and plan their party this way :

House No.1.

Have an active game which will thoroughly break the ice, such as Tagging the Black Cat’s Tail or Circus.
Each child gets a hat and mask to wear during the evening.

House No.2.

Give the children marshmallows, gumdrops and toothpicks, to make decorative Hallowe’en favors. The most attractive favors win a prize.

House No.3.

Guests bob for apples, play Hallowe’en Ten Pins and Peanut in the Pumpkin.

House No.4.

Another game, perhaps Torch-bearers or Black Cat and Bat, played in the yard until the main dish of the menu is ready to be served.

House No.5.

Dessert here and a good Fortune game.

House No.6.

End the party with the presentation of the favors; have each child tell a five-minute ghost story, and serve Goblin Punch. The evening, both for the
children and you, will be a complete success..

Be sure to have a good supply of prizes for the games, and award all the prizes at the last house.

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