How to Make a Pinwheel (1900’s)

folded pinwheel

Figure 3 – Folding the Pinwheel

These are easy directions for making a simple pinwheel.

You will need:

  • construction paper – approximately 9 inches square (9 in. x 9 in.)
  • a straight stick/branch for the handle
  • a straight pin to hold the pinwheel onto the handle

First, make the wheel:

paper pinwheel diagram

Figure 2 – paper pinwheel layout

  • Fold the paper diagonally from one corner to another.
  • cut along these diagonals – but DON’T cut through the center of the square.
  • Take the corners (A,B,C,D) and place them in the center.  Be careful NOT to fold these pieces – they are what will make the pinwheel move in the wind.
  • Attach these corners to the center however you wish – with the pin, tape, or glue.
  • Use the straight pin to attach your new pinwheel to the handle.

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make paper pinwheel


  • Experiment with different paper types and even heavy plastics and thin cardboard.
  • make pinwheels of various sizes.
  • “plant” your pinwheels in a flower bed to make a “pinwheel garden”

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2 responses to “How to Make a Pinwheel (1900’s)
  1. Fabulous Lisa!

    Thanks for including The Vintage Info Network in your blog carnival. Your site makes me want to spend some time doing paper crafting – lots of it!

    – InfoChick

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