How To Make a Wooden Stable for Nativity Scene

This Christmas Stable for a Nativity Scene is made of a small wooden box, covered with sawed strips of cedar shingles 1 1/2″ wide. A hole is cut out of the back at floor level to admit a light socket and small blue bulb which rests in the rear animal stall. This is lightly covered with some non-flammable material to diffuse the light. Small animal fig­ures are placed in the stalls and straw or excelsior is scat­tered around on the floor.

The holy figures are simply cut out of magazines and children’s books , pasted on card­board, or on 1/4″ plywood and sawed out. A small brad is driven part way into the bottom of the figure and the head is clipped off slantwise with nip­pers, allowing the figure to be stuck onto the floor and remain upright.

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