Bookends To Make (1940’s)

A novel pair of book ends in the form of large blocks can be made from odd pieces of  1/4″ or 3/8″ plywood. If the shop is equipped with a bench saw having a tilting table or arbor, no difficulty in the construction of the book ends will be encountered.

To make the pair of book ends, twelve pieces of stock 5 1/2″ square will be required. The fence should be set to rip the stock to the required width; then, with the aid of the cut-off guide, the strips should be squared on the ends to produce a finished length exactly the same size as the width.

After all pieces have been cut and squared to size, the saw or table is tilted to an angle of 45°, then the fence reset so as to cut a 45° bevel on the edges and ends of each piece. The bevel cuts should be made with out readjusting the fence.

Assembling the parts will require glue and 1″ No. 20 brads. The sides are fastened together by applying glue to the beveled edges and then driving the brads part way into the stock at the joint in order to pin the pieces to gether. The heads of the brads should be cut off and the projecting portion driven in and set with a small nail set.

The top and bottom are applied to the assembled side members in the same manner. The top is secured first; then, in order to weight the book end, the inside should be half filled with dry sand. After the sand is in place, the bottom can be secured to the side members. After giving the glue time to set, the blocks are sandpapered with No. 0
and No. 4/0 sandpaper.

To personalize the book ends, initial overlays made of a contrasting wood veneer are cut and glued to one surface. These may be applied to the side, to or front, depending on one’s personal choice. The surface which is to be the bottom has a piece of felt glued to it and trimmed flush with the outside.

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  1. As a woodworker myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the detail’s. A lot of beginners and even knowledgeable woodworkers will can get a hold some creditable understanding from what your writing about here.

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