How to Make Fringed Crepe Paper

How to Make Fringed Crepe Paper

Fringed Crepe is made by cutting the crepe paper with the grain for a stiff fringe or across the grain for a soft fringe. For stiff fringe cut a strip of paper through the center fold of’ crepe the width desired for the fringe. Unfold and refold into eight thicknesses. Slash one edge down as fine as required to within about one­ half an inch of the other edge for a narrow fringe, or to within one inch if a wide fringe is to be cut. Fringe which is cut across the grain is used more for deco­rative purposes. Strips of fringe 20 inches long may be made and any depth up to the whole 10 feet of the fold. Unfold the paper, stretch and cut off pieces through the width of the crepe the length desired for the depth of the fringe. Fold the lower edge up to within an inch of the top. Redouble several times, then beginning at the right cut the fringe as fine as desired, cutting through all thicknesses but leaving the one-inch heading at the top uncut (illustration No. 6).

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