How to Shorten a Dress From the Waistline

How to shorten a dress from the waistline a Dress from Waistline (When Lower Edge Cannot Be Altered)

1.  Determine how many inches you wish to shorten dress.  Measure desired number of inches down from waistline all around skirt and mark with pins.  Baste around marked line.

2. Rip skirt from waist and rip placket from skirt.  Mark waistline on wist with basting.  Mark center back and center front of waist and skirt.  Rip side seams of skirt to basting line.

3.  Turn under top of skirt at basting line, and matching center points, pin to waist at waistline.

4.  Put on dress and check evenness of hemline.  Take up or let down as necessary by turning under more or less around top of skirt.

5.  Fit side seams.

6.  Remove dress.  Mark fold at top of skirt and new side seam lines.

7.  Remove skirt and trim top edge 3/4″ above marking line.  Baste and stitch side seams along marking lines, graduating into old seams.

8.  Rip old seams, pres open, trim to 3/4″.

9.  Turn in top edge of skirt along marking line.  Matching centers and side seams, pin skirt to waistline.  Stitch, press, insert placket.

This sewing info is from Make and Mend for Victory which was published in 1942 during World War II.

Make and Mend for Victory includes many ideas on how to re-vamp and re-use clothing.  I’ll be posting some of the ideas from this book here on the Vintage Info Network.  Sign up for our Newsletter and I’ll let you know when new vintage stuff is posted!

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