Ideas for Decorating Under a Christmas Tree

Don’t forget the area under your tree when you are decorating it.

Christmas Tree with Snow

There must be a feeling of oneness between the tree and the under-tree treatment. If snow is suggested in or on the tree, it would be suitable touse snow under the tree as in the “Christmas Tree with Snow” picture.  Here we have a feeling of unity. The same snow which fell on the tree piled up around the tree. A satisfactory snow is achieved by using fluffed asbestos or borax sprinkled thickly over rumpled tissue paper which has been brushed with white art paste.

The scene suggestive of a happy Christmas Day at Grandma’s home in the country adds to the spirit of the traditional tree in .

Under Christmas Tree Village Scene

The hill can be made from several books and magazines stacked to the desired height. Cover with a white sheet. Lay cotton batting (available at some dollar and craft stores) on top of the sheet. Pull into folds to resemble drifted snow.

The skiers, skaters, coasters, animals, Santa, arriving guests, fence and church are items you can collect during the year. It will add to the interest of your scene to recall where you found each figure.

When your daughter outgrows her felt skirt, you can use it as a covering under the tree. Cut the skirt from top to bottom and spread around the base of the tree.

A Nativity scene is a perennial favorite for many traditional trees.

Don’t overlook the quality of straw for an under-tree treatment when the interpretive quality will be improved by it, but make sure you fireproof the straw first. Some trees which are primitive in feeling might call for a straw under-tree treatment.

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