How to make a coin roll on the edge of a knife – Magic (1800’s)

This could be a fun “bet”. Set out a knife, a quarter, dime, nickel and some wax. Make a bet that you could make the coins all roll on the edge of the knife.

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This could be added to one of those silly entertainments you do when out with friends. A good bar trick.

I think that the wax that you use to stick candles into candlestick holders would work best for this.


Make a spool of thee coins of different sizes, a dollar, a ten-cent piece and a half dollar. Stick them together with a little piece of wax as shown in A and B.

By placing this spool on the edge of a knife (lower illustration) you have solved the problem.

The dollar will roll up and down the knife to the great amusement of the audience.

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