Make your hand into a singing old lady (1800’s)

Ok, so they didn’t have TV or video games in the 1800’s so they needed to think of other ways to entertain themselves. I think if I saw a grown man doing this I would think he was a little “off”. Could be fun for the kids though….

The experiment shown in the illustration is bound to find favor with grown-up people as well as with young folks.

All you have to do is to paint two eyes, and underneath them a nose, on the knuckles of your index and third finger, as shown in the lower part of the illustration.

(If this gave you a chuckle then Check out The Darwin Awards Next Evolution )

The thumb pressed against the index finger and moved up and down will represent a toothless mouth.

The knuckle of the index finger forms the nose, above it are the eyes.

By draping the face with a towel we have the features of an old woman, especially effective when the light is not very bright.

After a little practice you will succeed in moving the thumb (representing the lower lip and chin) up and down, while you sing a song in a nasal voice, or carry on a conversation with the audience in the voice of an old woman.

I think you should do this at work on Monday – it’d be one heck of a way to start the week! (and get dismissed for lunacy!) LOL

If this gave you a chuckle then
Check out The Darwin Awards Next Evolution

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