Make Your Own Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

Many Christmas trees are based on cone shape. To make them, decide on the height you want your homemade Christmas tree to be. The height governs the size of the semi-circle you will have to cut out for your tree (Drawing 1).

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Suppose you want your homemade Christmas tree to be 10″ high. Tie a long piece of string to the pointed end of a nail. Tie the other end to the pointed end of a pencil. The string should measure 10″ after it is tied. Draw a straight line across the paper or cardboard which, for this size, should be 20″ long or twice the height. Stick the nail in the exact center of this line. Keeping the string taut, start at one point and describe a half circle to the other point. Cut out. Roll into a cone of the desired proportion. Cut away excess paper, and glue or staple ends.

Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

Drawing 1 – Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

Use the pattern given for the cone shape, place on hardware cloth or In chicken wire, cut out, roll in cone shape, and fasten with wire or string (Drawing 2).

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Filling in a Wire Cone Christmas Tree

Fill this cone with Sphagnum moss. Run cord or wire back and forth across bottom to hold moss tight.

Filling a Wire Cone Christmas Tree With Evergreens

Cut three pieces of 4″ lengths of evergreens. Wire to a florist stick and thrust into the moss-filled cone. See Drawing 2. Repeat until cone is covered.

Take three 3″ lengths of greens, wire fast to a florist stick and thrust into the moss cone.

Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

Drawing 2 Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

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Make a Spiral Decoration for Your Cone Christmas Tree

Cut a circle whose diameter equals that of your cone tree. Start at the outside and measure off one inch intervals. Cut along these lines in one continuous piece (Drawing 1). Circle the cone with this strip for an effect similar to this tree:

Make a Cone-Shaped Christmas Tree

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Now over to you!

What do you think of these cone-shaped Christmas Trees? Did you make one or more of them?  Share in the comments below.

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