Music Themed Christmas Tree

The measured precision of the art of the Byzantine Empire with its exquisite harmony of neighboring colors accented with complementary colors seems the perfect choice for the lyrical tree which would be delightful for a music room.

Select a slender cedar or cypress tree five feet high. Place in an attractive holder. Spray the holder with metallic gold paint to give a lustrous effect sugĀ­ gestive of the richness of the Byzantine period.

Garland the tree with five strands of gold tinsel cord to suggest a musical staff (Drawing 4). Use blue, blue green and violet lustre Christmas balls to suggest the notes. Vary the size as well as the colors of the balls to suggest the different values of the notes. Place on the staff as shown in the drawing. Hang small musical ornaments, such as a zither, harp, castanets, French hom, piano, clarinet of gold and the Christmas balls at measured intervals between the staff garland. The gold acts as a complement to the cool colors to produce a rhythmic harmony with an accent.

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