Old Santa Claus Song

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Old Santa Claus.

By M. Nora Boylan.

(To be sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” The verses may be given by a single voice, with the chorus by the school, or selected voices on the platform.)

Old Santa Claus is a jolly man

Who brings us lots of toys, sir;
And none are happier Christmas time

Than little girls and boys, sir.

Have you not seen our Santa Claus,

With hair so snowy white, sir?
Just hang your stocking Christmas eve,—

He’ll come that very night, sir.

And if you watch, perhaps you’ll see
This friend in furs hid deep, sir.

But I have never seen him once—
I’m always fast asleep, sir.

Chorus—Santa Claus is jolly, sir;

Santa Claus is kind, sir;
Santa Claus on Christmas eve
Comes riding on the wind, sir.

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