Preparing Your Christmas Tree

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Allow your tree to remain out-of-doors, protected from the sun and severe winds until ready for use. Rain and snow are good for it. Lacking help from the weatherman, spray the whole tree once or twice to keep the needles moist. About a week before Christmas recut the trunk on a deep diagonal or deep V in order to expose as much surface for water consumption as possible. Place upright in a container of water. Add either of the following to the water as a stimulant: 1 cup of sugar, molasses or syrup, or 1 teaspoonful of plant fertilizer, to each quart of water.

Do not take the tree directly into your heated room from outside. Rather take it first to a cool basement room for a day, then move it to its final location. A gradual transition will be less of a shock and will help prolong its beauty and life.

The holder for your tree should contain water or, lacking that, set the tree in a pail. :Fill in with rocks and sand and add water.

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