Book of Hallowe'en, 1919 (digital download)

Book of Halloween

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The Book of Hallowe’en
140+  pages

originally published in 1919.

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About the book: “This book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of Hallowe’en, how it absorbed some customs belonging to other days in the year, – such as May Day, Midsummer,and Christmas. The context is illustrated by selections from ancient and modern poetry and prose, related to Hallowe’en ideas. Those who wish suggestions for readings,recitations, plays, and parties,will find the lists inthe appendix useful…” – Ruth Edna Kelley

Table of Contents:

1 Sun Worship. The Sources of Hallowe’en 8

2 The Celts: Their Religion and Festivals 11

3 Samhain 19

4 Pomona 24

5 The Coming of Christianity. All Saints’. All Souls’ 27

6 Origin and Character of Hallowe’en Omens 31

7 Hallowe’en Beliefs and Customs in Ireland 32

8 Hallowe’en Beliefs And Customs in Scotland and the Hebrides 50

9 Hallowe’en Beliefs and Customs in England and Man 66

10 Hallowe’en Beliefs and Customs in Wales 82

11 Hallowe’en Beliefs and Customs in Brittany and France 86

12 The Teutonic Religion. Witches 94

13 Walpurgis Night 106

14 More Hallowtide Beliefs and Customs 111

15 Hallowe’en in America 117

“Four Poems” 136

Magazine References To Hallowe’en Entertainments 143

Supplementary List of Readings, Recitations, and Plays 146

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