45 Halloween Costumes to Make© Copyright 2009 VintageHalloweenIdeas.com & Vintage Info Publishing 45 Easy to Make Costumes and Accessories of Crepe Paper

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List of costumes and accessories:

Panda Bear Robin & other birds Frog Rooster Butterfly Fiary Bo-Peep Pixie King and Queen Scarecrow Pilgrim/Puritan Colonial Dame Dolonial Gentleman Hoop Skirt Robin Hood Lady of the Eighties (1880's) Peter Rabbit Springtime Gypsy Flower costumes: Rose Lilly Poppy Pansy Garden Flowers Rosebud Vixen (Santa's Reindeer)Mexican Indian Clown Christmas Gift Hawaiian Girl Scandinavian Girl Spanish Girl Dutch Boy Dutch Girl Irish Girl Fruits & Vegetables Sunbeam Santa Claus Parade costumes: - headband - bolero - sash - frilled cuffs - jumper or tunic - cockade hat - rosette badge - drum majorette hat - flower wreath - stole - hat decoration - shoulder sash Hats & Accesories: - broad-brimmed hats - Puritan/pilgrim hat - Uncle Same hat - George Washington hat - Witch Hat - Martha Washington Cap - King's Crown - Queen's Crown - Jiffy Hat - Rose Hat - Lilly Hat - Flower Masks - Daisy Mask Cap Foundations Crepe Paper Wigs Angel Wings Fairy Wings Butterfly Wings Rabbit Ears Indian Headdress Ostrich Plume

Plus... Sections on "It's Easy to Make Crepe Paper Costumes" & "How to Handle Crepe Paper Easily"

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